Taxi licensing

A taxi licence is required to provide taxi services.

What is a taxi licence

A taxi licence gives the holder the right and duty to transport people on an unscheduled basis with a motor vehicle registered to seat a maximum of eight passengers in addition to the driver. In special cases, the licensing authority can permit a taxi service to be operated with a motor vehicle registered to seat a maximum of 16 passengers in addition to the driver.

The issue of a taxi licence is based on a needs assessment. In other words, Østfold county council will assess the need for a taxi licence before deciding whether to award it. A licence must be attached either to a dispatcher service (in towns) or to a specific geographical area (residential licence). All taxis in Østfold can provide transport services throughout the county regardless of their affiliation with a dispatcher service or a place of residence.

Cost of a taxi licence

The amount of the guarantee required for a licence is set at NOK 85 000 for the first licence, with subsequent licences in either category costing NOK 47 000 each.

Existing guarantees cannot be changed.

Licence availability

If a licence falls vacant, applicants with at least two years of experience as a full-time taxi driver in the relevant district will normally be given first refusal to take it over. Vacant taxi licences will not normally be advertised in the press, but are announced on this website.

How taxi licences are awarded

Østfold county council decides the terms for awarding new licences. Generally speaking, however, an applicant must:

  • be of good character
  • have satisfactory financial resources
  • possess satisfactory professional competence.

   An application must be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • copies of references
  • a certified undertaking that bank/insurance guarantees will be provided
  • a certificate from the relevant local authority treasurer(s) (covering tax arrears), no more than three months old
  • a VAT certificate from the collector of taxes, no more than three months old
  • a confirmation from the Register of Bankruptcies in Brønnøysund (covering bankruptcy/debt settlement proceedings), no more than three months old
  • documentation of approved experience as a full-time taxi driver, see the regulations on professional transport by motor vehicle or vessel
  • a certificate of good conduct from the police, no more than three months old.

   Failure to provide these documents will mean that the application is not considered or that the conditions for obtaining a licence have not been met.

Where to apply

Submit an application using this form. (in Norwegian only)

Possible attachments which you do not have in electronic format can be forwarded to:

Østfold fylkeskommune


Postboks 220

1702 Sarpsborg

Further information

Call the transport section on 69 11 70 00 for more information.

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