Our leadership

Fylkestinget 2015-2019 - Klikk for stort bildeThe elected council (fylkesting) is the highest governing body for the county. The county council mayor (fylkesordføreren) is the highest-ranking political leader, while the chief administrative officer (fylkesrådmannen) heads the administration.

Politicians and the council

As the highest elected body in the county, the county council is the decision-maker. Its members are elected every four years in the county council elections. These are held at the same time as the local council elections. The Østfold county council has 35 members. It will next be up for election in the autumn of 2019.

The political leadership

Klikk for stort bildeCounty council mayor/ chair:

Ole Haabeth (Labour Party)

Born: 1950

Residence: Fredrikstad

The council chair is the leading member of the county council, and is responsible for coordinating and leading its work. He heads the county council and also chairs the Østfold Council by virtue of his office.

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Klikk for stort bildeDeputy county council mayor/chair:

Siv Henriette Jacobsen (Labour Party)

Born: 1966

Residence: Moss

The deputy council chair is the council chair’s deputy, and leads and represents the council in the absence of the chair.

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Klikk for stort bildeChair of the industry and culture committee 

Andreas M Lervik (Labour Party)

Born: 1969

Residence: Sarpsborg

Lervik has political responsibility for matters related to industry, agriculture, research and development, outdoor recreation, management of the arts, water management, energy, culture and museum administration.

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Klikk for stort bildeChair of the education committee:

Elin Johanne Tvete (Centre Party)

Born: 1976

Residence: Fredrikstad

Tvete has political responsibility for matters related to education and health (including dental health, public health and social issues)

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Klikk for stort bildeChair of the transport and communications committee:

Olav Ingebjørn Moe (Christian Democratic Party)

Born: 1968

Residence: Råde

Moe has political responsibility for matters related to transport, county roads, integrated area and transport planning, public transport, the environment and the climate.

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Party group leaders on the county council