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Tannlegevakt - Klikk for stort bildeInformation about free dental careFree dental care

Everyone is entitled to free dental treatment until the year they reach the age of 18. The same applies to people with learning disabilities, residents in old people’s and nursing homes, some users of home nursing care and certain substance abusers.

Young people pay reduced fees from the year they reach the age of 19 to the year they reach 20.

Our clinics also accept adult fee-paying patients for all types of dental treatment, providing the necessary capacity is available.

For children and young people

Children and young people from birth to the age of 18 have the right to necessary dental treatment free of charge.

For people with learning disabilities

People with learning disabilities have the right to necessary dental treatment free of charge. Diagnosis (ICD-10) F70 - F79.

For institutional residents

Long-term residents in care institutions have the right to necessary dental treatment free of charge. “Long-term residence” is defined as lasting continuously for three months or more. Only emergency (acute) treatment is provided free in the first three months.

Examples of institutions include hospitals, nursing homes, old people’s homes and the like which have their budgets and accounts approved by and receive operational support from a public authority, or which are included in the local or county health and social care plan. They include government health institutions.

Residents in private institutions for treating substance abusers which have no agreement with a regional health authority or a local authority have no rights in the dental health service.

For 19- and 20-year olds

If you reach the age of 19 or 20 in the treatment year, you get a 75 per cent discount on the total fee.

For people receiving health care from relatives

People with an illness or condition which would have qualified them for institutional care or home nursing assistance if they were not receiving help from others – such as their spouse, son/daughter, neighbour or close family member – have the right in Østfold to necessary dental treatment free of charge. Documentation from the local authority is required.

For convicts

All people serving prison sentences have the right to necessary emergency (acute) dental treatment as and when required, regardless of the length of their sentence.

Dental check-ups as well as necessary preventive measures and normal dental treatment are provided to convicts serving sentences of longer than three months.

This applies to people serving prison sentences or in a halfway house. Sentences served at home give no rights.

For people covered by a local authority decision for drug or alcohol rehabilitation

People covered by a local authority decision because of an alcohol or drug problem, and who thereby receive services pursuant to section 3-2, paragraph 1, number 6, letters B, C and D of the Health and Care Services Act.

  • Personal assistance, including practical support and training and a support person (letter B).
  • Placement in an institution (letter C).
  • Assistance measures (letter C).

The service will be provided free of charge when:

  • it is provided weekly (at least once a week) over a continuous period of three months or more.

The local authority documents people who meet the criteria.

For people on medication-assisted rehabilitation (LAR)

People on medication-assisted rehabilitation have the right to necessary dental treatment free of charge. Documentation from a doctor/hospital is required.

For people covered by a local authority decision on health assistance at home

People covered by a local authority decision pursuant to section 3-2, paragraph 1, item 6 a) on health services in the home have the right to necessary dental treatment free of charge.

Dental care will be provided free of charge when

  • home nursing is provided on a weekly basis (at least once a week) for a continuous period of three months or more.

Home nursing means general and mental health nursing which:

  • simplifies treatment (psychiatric counselling, placement of catheters and the like)
  • wound management
  • medicine management.

Residents in sheltered accommodation who receive nursing care there, will have the right to dental treatment free of charge on the same terms as people who live and stay in their private home.

The local authority documents people who meet the criteria, and informs the dental health service.

Gratis tannhjelp - Klikk for stort bildeEmergency dentistEmergency dentist

You can contact the emergency dentist on duty by calling 69 11 77 99.

The emergency dental service is open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between 11.00 and 14.00.

This service is intended to provide emergency (acute) help.

It is provided on a rolling basis by the dentists (private and public) in Østfold.

You will be given information on where you can go for help when you call the duty dentist.

The emergency dentist service is managed by the Østfold Dental Association in collaboration with the Østfold public dental health service.

Patient travel

How travel costs are met for people who qualify for free treatment by the dental health service, as specified in the dental care plan.

  • You can not reclaim the cost of travel if the treatment takes place at a dental clinic in the local authority where you live.
  • Local authorities without their own dental clinics. If you live in a local authority which does not have a dental clinic, and have had travel costs of more than NOK 400, you will be refunded what you have spent above this amount for the rest of the year. The same rules apply if you have had to travel outside your local authority for acute (emergency) treatment. You must preferably use public transport, but travel by car will be accepted if this is the only option. The kilometre rate is then NOK 2.30. In practice, you will have to travel more than 174 kilometres to exceed your own contribution (NOK 2.30 x 174 = NOK 400).
  • Special rules apply when you are referred to a specialist, including treatment which involves nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and general anaesthesia. In such cases, travel costs are refunded for each journey. We apply the same patient contribution as the Pasientreiser patient transport service, which is NOK 146 per journey (in other words, NOK 292 for a round trip). The kilometre rate for driving your own car is NOK 2.30.

The second and third points above must be viewed as entirely separate. The rule concerning a patient contribution of NOK 400 does not apply for specialist treatment.

Taxi fares are only covered in special cases, and must be approved by the clinic manager in advance.


Customised communication via an interpreter is necessary in some cases in order to provide acceptable medical assistance and equal health and care services.

Children and other family members must not be used as interpreters. Should a patient or user not wish to use an interpreter, health and care personnel have a responsibility to explain why such assistance is needed.

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